Kentucky Rose £8.5
Bourbon shaken with dry orange liqueur, fresh lemon, grapefruit and a dash of bitters,
topped with ginger ale.

Wilson £10
Merlet cognac shaken with fresh orange, sweet vermouth and a plum and anise syrup.

Bimble £9
Polish vodka shaken with fresh lemon and blackberries, homemade citrus syrup and blackberry
liqueur, served up with a splash of bubbles.

Refugio £9
100% agave tequila shaken with Aperol, Chartreuse, fresh lemon and agave, served up
with a splash of sparkling cider.

Daft Punk £10
Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt Scotch whisky stirred with Kamm & Sons aperitif,
Campari and maraschino, served up.

Ginglorious Bar Steward £10.5
Rathbone New London dry and Glendalough Wild Botanical gins stirred with bergamot
and pear liqueurs and a dash of cassis bitters, served on the rocks.

All Things Nice £9
Polish vodka shaken with ginger liqueur, fresh lime and pineapple juices, served long.

Sanguinista £10.5
Solerno blood orange liqueur stirred with Aperol and Kamm & Sons aperitif,
served long and topped with bubbles.

Humpty Dumpty £9
Venezuelan rum shaken with peach aperitif, fresh lemon and a homemade sumac,
lemon and Yorkshire tea infusion, served long.

Northern Soul £9.5
BarSol pisco shaken with Somerset Ice Cider, Amaro di Angostura, fresh lemon juice,
chai and free-range egg white, served short and fluffy.

Montego Bay £9
Our special house blend of Jamaican and Guyanese rums, shaken with fresh lime,
bitters and a homemade pomegranate and banana syrup, served up.

Tipperary £9
Rathbone New London dry gin shaken with fresh lemon and a homemade elderflower
and herb syrup, served long with a splash of soda.

Bandeira £9.5
Yaguara cachaça shaken with kaffir lime leaf syrup, fresh lime, triple sec and
a splash of light rum, served short.

Xanadu £9
Mayan Guanabana liqueur shaken with fresh lime, apple and cranberry juices,
honey and chilli, served short.

Gardener’s Jasmine Royale £9½
A quintessentially British mix of gin, green tea and a spot of lemon, topped with fizz.